A little larger than life…


Tsunamicore is a boutique film production company, specialising in narrative and commercial content.

There has never been an time in life where there has been more visual stimulation. Everywhere we look - posters, adverts, books, magazines, iPhones, iPads, iThis, iThat. Amongst this abyss of content, we see it as our mission, through high visual impact and compelling narrative to ensure that Tsunamicore films’ shine miles above the rest.


What makes our work special? I hear you cry.

Many things, but one in particular…

Tsunamicore has a completely unique weapon in our arsenal. A set of 1958, vintage anamorphic Elite Ultrascope lenses. These exact lenses were a firm favourite of Sergio Leone, and are believed to be the ones used on his legendary picture “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.” We bring that legendary energy to our productions, and will capture your product with the same lenses that Clint Eastwood sneered down many, many moons ago.